October 23, 2019

How to play PlayStation 4 games on your Android

The mobile video game industry , or rather, smartphones as a gaming platform is now going through a better time, and services such as Apple Arcade and initiatives such as Google Stadia do nothing but confirm it. Year after year we see how great titles reach the application stores of the most important mobile operating systems , thus giving users the possibility to enjoy experiences that, until not long ago, remained exclusive for console users.

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And speaking of consoles, no matter how much the development companies focus much of their efforts on creating increasingly complete and advanced mobile games, it is logical that the vast majority continue to have conventional platforms as their main objective - hence movements such as Stadia–. However, smartphone users can also take advantage of this situation.

Using the right applications and services, it is even possible to run our PC games from the mobile anywhere , as the Steam Link application showed us in its day . And it is precisely this application that today will help us to play PlayStation 4 titles on any Android mobile .

Play the best PS4 titles from your mobile: so you can do it step by step

The application in question was born as a tool to allow us to run PC titles on Android devices , using a high-speed Internet connection to be able to stream the games through the computer itself. Over time it evolved, and the arrival of Steam Link Anywhere meant the possibility of playing from the mobile from anywhere , without even having the mobile connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

But the possibilities of Steam Link multiply when Remote Play comes into play , the Sony system that allows you to run PlayStation 4 games from any Windows or Mac computer . From Android Central , they have devised a way to play PS4 games from any Android mobile using Steam Link . These are the necessary requirements:

A Windows or Mac computer with Steam Link and PS4 Remote Play configured

An Android phone or tablet with the Steam Link application .

A high speed internet connection.

If the requirements are met, the process to play from the mobile is not too complex. The first is to start the console and open the Remote Play application on the computer . When the remote game has started and appears in the computer window, it will be time to start the Steam Link application on both the computer and the mobile , and choose the option "Start playing”. Finally, it is enough to place yourself in the Remote Play window on the computer to be able to start playing from your mobile through Steam Link. As the steps can be somewhat confusing, we summarize the process below:

On the computer, open the Remote Play application and connect to the PlayStation 4 console to start playing.

Now, open Steam Link on your computer and connect to your Android device.

Press "Start playing" on Steam Link, and wait for the application to be in full screen mode.

Go to the Remote Play window through the combination of Alt + Tab keys on your computer - if you are on Mac, Command + Tab.

The PlayStation 4 game will be shown through Steam Link, and you can now play from your Android phone or tablet.

When playing PC titles through Steam Link, in most cases the controls are adapted to be able to run the games from the mobile without too many problems. The problem is that when running Remote Play it is necessary to use the Sony DualShock 4 controller to play , and although Android is already compatible with this type of controls , the process requires that the control be connected directly to the computer via USB.

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